Annual Reports

Annual Report filing guide

  1. Know Your Filing Deadline: Each state has its own deadline for filing annual reports. Typically, it's based on the anniversary of your business's formation or qualification to do business in that state. Check with the Secretary of State's office in the state where your corporation is registered to find out your specific deadline.

  2. Gather Information: Collect the necessary information required for the annual report. This often includes details about your corporation such as the names and addresses of directors, officers, and shareholders, as well as your corporation's principal place of business.

  3. Review Previous Reports: If you've filed annual reports in previous years, review them to ensure consistency and update any information that may have changed.

  4. Complete the Report Form: Most states provide an online form for filing annual reports. Access the form through the Secretary of State's website and fill it out accurately and completely.

  5. Provide Required Information: Be prepared to provide information such as:

    • Corporation name and registration number
    • Names and addresses of directors, officers, and shareholders
    • Principal place of business and mailing address
    • Brief description of the corporation's business activities
    • Registered agent information (if applicable)
    • Any changes to the corporation's authorized shares or par value (if applicable)
  6. Review the Report: Double-check all information for accuracy before submitting the report. Errors or omissions could lead to delays or penalties.

  7. Submit the Report: Once you've completed and reviewed the report, submit it through the Secretary of State's online filing system. Some states also accept filings by mail or in person.

  8. Pay Filing Fee: Most states require a filing fee to accompany the annual report. Make sure to pay the fee online or include a check with your mailed-in report. Fees vary by state.

  9. Receive Confirmation: After submitting the report and fee, you should receive confirmation of filing from the Secretary of State's office. Keep this confirmation for your records.

  10. Stay Organized: Maintain copies of all filed annual reports and related documents in your corporate records. This will help ensure compliance and facilitate future filings.